2.0 Getting Started

2.1 Beginning Play

2.1.1 Players need to agree on a way to determine who will go first. Typical methods are rolling die or drawing cards. The player that goes first must layout their terrain cards first.

2.1.2 Players receive 5 gold to start the game.

2.1.3 Players must shuffle their deck in front of their opponent. Decks are separated into 4 piles (Barracks, Treasury, Spellbook and Tokens). Token cards can be face-up and do not need to be shuffled.

2.1.4 Players draw 5 cards from their Barracks, Treasury and spellbook piles. They may choose to mulligan 1 card (put it back in the appropriate pile and draw another card). A good strategy is to start with a few units and 1 gold card.

2.1.5 At the start of every turn players draw 1 card from their deck in addition to gaining 1 gold.

2.1.6 Players gain additional gold by killing enemies and collecting the value of that card in gold (the value on the brown bag).

2.1.7 Players gain additional gold by playing a gold card (limit of one per turn).

2.1.8 Players gain an additional gold per unit or hero with the "Golden Coffers" ability.

2.1.9 Players gain additional gold from units or heroes with the mining ability.

2.1.10 Players gain additional gold from units or heroes with the stealing ability.


2.2 Playing Cards on the Battlefield

2.2.1 Players can play cards at any point in their turn.

2.2.2 Players can summon as many units onto the battlefield as they want as long as they have the cards in their hand and the gold to pay for them.

2.2.3 When a player summons a unit or hero, it can be placed on any unoccupied spawner.

2.2.4 Unless specified, a unit or hero cannot perform any actions during the turn they are placed on the spawner.

2.2.5 Newly spawned units and heroes must be faced towards your opponent to signify they do not have a turn. The same rule applies to mercenaries and animals even though they are played off to the side of the Battlefield.    

2.2.6 All of a player’s cards already on the Battlefield can have a turn.

2.2.7 At the start of each turn, any units, heroes, mercenaries or animals facing towards your opponent should now be turned to face you. These cards are now eligible to take a turn.

2.2.8 If a card just summoned has the “hide” ability, it can be placed on the battlefield face down showing it is hidden.

2.2.9 Hidden cards cannot be attacked unless they reveal themselves or are revealed. Any ability a hidden unit uses will reveal it unless the card describes it as “can stay hidden”.

2.2.10 A player may not play cards on their opponent’s turn unless the card specifies otherwise.