3.0 Deck-Building


Change-up your deck-build with Shard and Allegiance booster packs.

Buy Mines of Taas Terrain Cards or regular Terrain Cards to change-up your deck's terrain!


3.1 Decks cannot exceed a total of 100 gold value. All cards have a value located on the brown bag on the bottom left.

3.2 Deck composition must contain 2 hero cards.

3.3 The 10/10/10 Rule - Your deck must have at least 10 Barrack cards, 10 Treasure cards and 10 Spell cards.

3.4 Barrack, Treasure and spell cards must total 45 cards.

3.5 Tokens do not count as part of the 45 card deck and are kept separate from a player's deck.

3.6 Tokens with a value greater than 0 must count as part of the 100 gold total value.

3.7 A player cannot have more than 3 of the same card in their deck. Zero value token and terrain cards can exceed the 3 card limitation.


Faction, Ally or Neutral Cards

3.8 Faction Cards cannot be mixed in the same 45 card deck.

3.9 Ally Cards can be mixed only with factions that are allied to each other.

3.10 Neutral cards displaying both Allegiance and Shard symbols are considered neutral and can be used in any deck combinations. Mercenaries are examples of cards that are allied with either the Shard or Allegiance factions.

Terrain Cards

3.11 Deck composition must contain 16 Terrain cards (5 of which are spawners).

3.12 You cannot have more than 3 MV affecting terrain cards.

3.13 You can deck build with regular terrain or Mines of Taas terrain cards but cannot mix the two terrain types.


Need help building your deck strategy? Use our Deck-building Tool (Work in Progress).