About the Game

Heroes of Karth: Deathmatch™ is a fantasy deck-building card game based on the Heroes of Karth™ book series.  Deathmatch can be played with 1-4 players in 5 different game modes:

  • 1 vs. 1 Classic Mode (play against one opponent)
  • 2 vs. 2 Co-op (play with a friend against two others). 
  • 3 & 4 Player Free-for-all (play a survivor match). 
  • Single Player Mode (play against Xeon the Undead Dragon)
  • Adventure Mode (play as the Dungeon Master against up to 3 Adventurers).   

Players need to outwit their opponent’s strategy in a tabletop game where the cards are the game pieces and gold is used to hire additional cards onto the Battlefield. Balance between using gold to hire units, mercenaries and heroes and saving gold for the win condition. Utilize a wide range of options including ranged or melee classes, spells, pets, magic items, traps, poison, stealth units, healers, totems, and the undead curse. With over 200 cards rendered with stunningly beautiful original artwork, the deck-building choices are unlimited. Play a Deathmatch where the careful management of resources and placement of your cards can make the difference between winning and losing!

The card game is available now on the Game Crafter:  The Heroes of Karth Deathmatch: Deluxe Edition™. Buy extra Starter Decks each with their own unique cards and style of play. Create or tweak your deck-build with Shard and Allegiance booster packs!



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Game Play

Play Heroes of Karth: Deathmatch™ in six easy steps:

1 - Choose your side - Allegiance or Shard?

Select a deck from 1 of 12 themed decks. If you prefer you can also build your own deck with over 200 cards to choose from. Decks are always balanced as all cards have a value associated with them (including terrain). This ensures balanced play (to insert a powerful card something else would have to be removed).

2 - Set-up the Game

Sort the deck into Barracks, Spellbook, Treasury and Token piles. Then get your starting cards and gold.


3 - Determine who is the Attacker and who is the Defender. 

The Attacker creates half of the Battlefield using Terrain cards and then the Defender completes the Battlefield. The Defender can then hire 1 unit (any unit except mercenaries and animals). New units start on Spawner tiles and come on the Battlefield facing the opponent, showing they cannot move on that turn.

4 - Starting a Turn

Players alternate turns. To start the turn they draw 1 card and get 1 gold. Then they assess the cards in their hand, manage their resources and hire units onto the Battlefield.

5 - Managing Cards on the Battlefield

With cards on the Battlefield each one can have a turn. But before managing the cards, a new turn means a new card draw and new gold which can be used to add more cards in play.

6 - Winning the Game

The battle rages on with each player carefully managing their resources and managing their units until 1 player earns victory by being the first to accumulate either 40 gold or 25 Kill Points!


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