Dev Diary: Heroes Clash

We've finally launched our BETA testing, started sessions with the public, and the response is outstanding so far. We have added some good improvements and are looking forward to more play testing at Gen Con!

We're going live:

Below are some of our latest changes thanks to bringing our game out to you for a test run. Without input from the players this game would not be successful. Because of all of you this game is morphing into something really exciting..

The Allegiance Heroes


- He has the "Rescue" skill so he can pull a kill from the cemetary. Players wanted to see as many cards as possible that could effect the cemetary. As a result we also added two spells: "Rez Heroes" and "Rez units"!!
- He also has Stealthy skill so he can sneak up without being attacked and those that see him need to be within close range in order to attack him.


- As the Ranger Leader he has skills that affect other units in play. His maneuver skill allows a tactical switch on a card so they can deliver an unexpected attack.
- When the elves are in trouble Llaen being on the battlefield means at any time he can "Signal aid" and bring in additional help..

The Shard Heroes

- He has the "Indomitable Rush" skill so he can charge and attack an enemy while pushing another card out of the way while doing so.
- Don't upset Bogg because he also has the "Earth Shaker" skill which does damage to all cards on the battlefield!

- He is a true thief! The snatch skill allows Madi to steal gold without becoming visible!!
- If snatching gold doesn't upset the enemy, how about his other skill that can steal items from other players??

The heroes now have new individual skills unique to each hero. And people love how they play now..
Other Recent Changes

- Due to popular demand, we switched the mana health system (Spritual Energy) to d10s from the original crystals

People love the tactile nature of the coins so this will stay!

- All the card stats have now been changed to reflect the new d10 usage, and we are putting those numbers to the test and tweaking as required.

- We've got the final card list! 200 cards on lock down. This means we've had to cut some ideas here or there, but not to worry, we will slot them in for play testing of the planned expansion.

This is all very hush hush before as we bring this game to life. For now we need to keep polishing the core game, and with your help we will make this TCG one of the more epic games.


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