Dev Diary: Best for Balance

Well, that's all folks! Con season is over, and man was it a blast. Everyone we met had such great feedback, and we discovered so many ways to refine the game to make it stellar. We quickly got down to work once we got back, and started testing which options would best fit the game refinement.

play test

We had to pick from a wide range of great ideas shared by participants we met, and decide to focus our first efforts on items that would make the Open Beta test work better. This included drafting the first pass of the instruction manual, as well as a "cheat sheet," adjusting both the Archer and Spider Deck composition for more
balanced play, all in part to lead to the development of a trial version of the game.

We'll discuss the trial version in an upcoming post, and for this particular post focus on the hard work our Devs have put in implementing some of your best ideas to improve Heroes of Karth Deathmatch.

The Latest Changes:

1) Changed composition of the Archer Deck to add an Elf Banner so there is more balanced draw to a player's hand.
2) Reduced the Goblin Deck to lower the number of token cards replacing shamans and darkness token and adding another reflection card.
3) Balanced the varied damage so some of the stronger units are not as overpowering.
4) Balanced the cost on some of the units to better reflect actual worth of the card to hire and collect bounty.
5) Addressed inconsistencies with wording and typos (eg. summoning vs. calling a unit).
6) The Torch now reveals 1 hidden unit.
7) Webs now are a bonus action that costs less mana but with a limit of 1 web.
8) Players cannot stack Comradery.
9) The gold coin is now switched to "Karth Coins" with 1's, 5's, and 10s.
10) All cards now have a Kill Point rating ranging from 1-5. This will be used to calculate the kill victory condition (you now need "40 kill points" to win instead of the "10 kill" rule we had previously).


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