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The first novel, the Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead™ is available in electronic format at Chapters/IndigoAmazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, KoboSCRBD, 24 Symbols and Playster. $1 for every paperback book sold will be donated to support autism (the paperback is available at Amazon, Walmart and in select book stores).



Five Star Book Reviews 

"Couldn't put this new Fantasy book down. With a quick-moving tempo that doesn't skimp on plot or character development, Curse of the Undead is an easy read and doesn't follow a typical, predictable fantasy story-line; Instead, you are turned upside-down a few times with twists and unique side-plots that really keep your interest. It's clear that the author has drawn on considerable in-depth experience with many fantasy works and has created a new, interesting niche that has yet to be populated. I'm looking forward to further books in this world, by this author! Well done!"

Derek H

"An epic fantasy story full of familiar magical creatures such as elves and dwarves, and written in a fluent style. At the start there are multiple characters to process, but they are well developed alongside seamless world building. The integration of a character with autism added to the realism.
I was completely enmeshed into this story, and swept along for the ride.
I highly recommend for fantasy lovers."

Fantasy Author, Wendy Scott, Lodestone (Witch-Hunt). 

"From the very start of this novel, you will remain interested. The story is alluring and follows many characters trials, victories and perils. There is always a thread that keeps you hanging. Hamilton makes his characters come alive and their responses and thoughts are very realistic. They speak for themselves and offer the sense that you have known them for some time. The plot is an in depth maze that makes it hard to see the out come and offers chances for many different out comes to happen. A well written work, highly recommended for those interested in a budding fantasy author."

T. Devenny 

"Grant Hamilton is a talented writer because he has managed to effortlessly create an absorbing novel that is full of imagination and thrilling moments that will leave the reader breathless. The plot is fast-paced, action-packed and full of twists and turns galore that in turn makes for an incredibly exciting read! The story itself is unique and stand out amongst the fantasy genre, the characters, as well as the landscapes the reader comes across, is endearing, oh, and who can forget about those magical creatures such as elves and dwarves! The epic descriptions of these beings are splendid and visually stood out in my mind. This is when you know a book is good.. when you start to visualize every detail and forget that you are even reading."

Red Headed Book Lover