Our Brand

Who we are

Heroes of Karth Inc.™ is an exciting new creative venture, taking the familiar feel of the fantasy genre and wrapping it with a deep and colorful modern layer. From our  beginnings as an indie writer and game developer, our goal has always been to find a way to take the best parts of the games and books we love and combine them with some special tweaks to create a world where both our novels and games can thrive with a rich lore.

Our Products

The Heroes of Karth™ is producing an amazing series of novels and all our products will be based on the Heroes of Karth storylines. 

Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead is available now at Amazon.com.


Heroes of Karth: Deathmatchis a fantasy-themed strategy deck-building multi-player card game that offers better balanced play than the competition where its unique card value and gold system means that to add a great card you need to take something else out. Even the terrain cards that make-up the Battlefield have card value and can make the difference in strategies. Every game is fresh and exciting with limitless options available to the creative player.

Most importantly, by making the cards available so even the booster "strategy packs" identify each card up front, players will not have to over spend to deck-build and create their ultimate deck variations that suit each unique style of play. 

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